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Wrapping Machine

Our firm has been recognized name in this domain, and we are manufacturing and supplying the best Wrapping Machine. They gives the full stretching and wrapping film all over the stack of bags and racks. In addition, provides the maximum wrapping height of 2500mm and have automatic cutters which cuts the film at the end of one cycle. The maximum working production capacity is 40 to 60 pallets per hour. They are fitted with EMB motor that provides continuous operation production. These are offered in three different ranges that include stand alone, table and arm. They have 360 degree moveable tire control that make them easy to move in any direction. Wrapping Machine ensures the tight and non-tear able packaging of the bags and racks.

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Table Wrapping Machine

Table Wrapping Machine is used for packing a stack of bags palletized in an organized manner using a film or paper. It is comprised of a worktable for keeping goods which rotates at 360 degrees with the help of a DC motor, glue applicator or heat sealer, and a film roll holding assembly. This machine is also capable of measuring wrapping height and load amount using a special sensor.

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Stand Alone Wrapping Machine

Stand Alone Wrapping Machine generally uses linear low density polyethylene material for packing large stack of boxes or bags to assure its safe transit or storage. It is a floor mounted assembly having rotating worktable, film roll carrying rod with vertical movement attached to the arm, and a control panel. Stretch wrapping provides dust & moisture protection to packed goods. Film tension in this machine can be adjusted according to the load and type of material to be wrapped.

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Arm Wrapping Machine

Arm Wrapping Machine is a PLC controlled instrument utilized in warehouses, shipping industries, logistics, and packaging domains. It is utilized for wrapping polyethylene or composite sheets around palletized boxes for transportation or storage. This machine assures tear proof and reliable nature of the packaged pallet. It is comprised of a rotary arm which is driven by electric motor and soft start & stop feature.