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Bag Overedging Machine

If you need a high speed overedging machine for making bags un bulk in your factory, then contact us. Our engineering company designs and fabricates several machines that are needed to perform functions, like bag cutting, sewing, closing, to name a few. The particular machine is available in two models, which are single needle double thread overedging bag sewing machine and single needle overedging machine. PP bags, jute bags and burlaps can be sewn using any of these two models. These two models have different speed, seam type, stitch range, working speed, needle size and thread. 
Product Image (ST 6002 UHR)

Single Needle Overedging Machine

Single Needle Overedging Machine is required for overlocking of edges one or two pieces of clothes and is also ideal for hemming or seaming. It works by creating a thread loop at the back of the needle when it enters the fabric. This machine is suitable to be used for decorating & finishing carpet, PP bags, bed sheets, and gloves. The pressure in this machine is adjusted with the help of foot plate spring.